Campaign Features



Because of the planar cataclysm, death is no longer the same as it was in the old world. When a being dies he or she makes a WP roll as the final act of life, If they roll under 3 X WP they may defy death and return as their former selves and the death is not counted against future WP rolls. If they roll between 3 X WP and 4 x WP they return to life immediately as a graven version of themselves. If they lost any limbs as a result of an elemental mishap or grievous these remain gone. Otherwise all attributes remain the same, just the special abilities and disabilities of a graven now apply, they will also roll once on the 2nd undead table the first time they become a graven. Each death there after they will reduce the multiplier for WP by one, unless they roll under 2 X WP in which case the may reduce the # of deaths they have experienced by 1. If they fail any WP roll they morph into another form of undead under the control of the GM. Rolls over 5 X WP or rolls of 99 or 100 turn a person to dust as they are overwhelmed by necromantic energies. As long as their head remains it is possible to maintain life as a graven.

If by chance a person’s body is completely destroyed, but they make their WP roll they may return as a disembodied if alive or a ghost if dead. Either may try to possess an object, animal or person. They may remain outside of a body indefinitely, but risk being captured by soul collectors or captured by another and bound to an object or body.

A soulward will prevent the transformation of the dead for a limited time. It is unknown how long a soulward lasts. Gravewardens, necromancers and warlocks/witches can fashion soulwards.


The life of an average denizen of Blood Moon is miserable. For the weak willed there is the ever present danger of possession. While many fear demonic possession, possession by the spirits of the living and dead is a greater reality. The disembodied and recently dead often want to return to their former lives. Often times seeking revenge against those who have wronged them in the past. Possessing creatures must have a greater WP than their target and must roll under 4 X WP to try and possess another being. Beings may resist possession by rolling under 4 X WP – the (4 X the difference in WP of the possessing being.)


Gone are the days of abundant healing in the land. With the fall of the gods and titans most healing magic is simple gone from the land and found only among demonic practitioners. The Gith still practice some healing magics and it is believe to be experiencing a revival in the Vale. Most have turned to “leeches”, necrographting & elemental limbs and parts to replace damaged body parts.


Pistols, Rifles, and shotguns are new weapons of the land. One of the strange limitations of guns is their inability to be used by demons. The elementals that power them will not bend to the will of a demon. The Outlands are suffering from a proliferation of guns thanks to gnome smugglers, and firearms are making their way into the urbanized areas of the world.


Factories and foundries now dot the landscape and there is a great need for the utilization of elemental resources. The last century has seen the advent of elemental locomotives, ships and war golems.


The effects of the planar cataclysm have created magical hot spots and dead zones. In hot spots magic becomes easier and more powerful while the dead zones completely limit the use of magic.

Campaign Features

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